The Institute has excellent senior faculty keeping in view the latest trends especially to meet the challenges posed by globalization and job opportunities in the corporate sector, which invariably insists on high caliber personnel. The Institute arranges visiting faculties in order to supplement and synergies... The BTC program aims to train teachers for the primary schools in all over India and abroad.
The curriculum, pedagogy and the systems of this course is strictly followed by NCTE, Jaipur, & S.C.E.R.T. (U.P) The emphasis of this course is given to the development of knowledge, teaching skills with other experimental course.
In the fast paced professional word of competition you need to get across to the latest techniques and the most modern resources to be able to sharpen your creative and talented skill so that you visualize and create your future to stand apart from the crowed.
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Yug Institute Of Management & Technology  is a leading specialized international College offering specifically designed programs to train and qualify teachers for the English teaching world as well as prepare English speakers to take on assignments and positions with many of the leading international organizations in their own selected field worldwide. Located with its main campus in Meerut INDIA.

Yug Institute Of Management & Technology 
leads the international field in the teaching and education programs in support of individuals wishing to participate in the evolving opportunities in teaching and education worldwide.
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